…Kids Don’t Want Mariah Carey Either spirulina while pregnant

At least they would if they heard her reasons for not having any children. Mariah Carey is about two inches deep and gradually drying up, in my personal opinion. For example, Carey‘s dismissal of spirulina pregnancy side effects and of a sponsored event in which hundreds of vegan diet vitamin b12 and of fans showed […]

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes May Still Be BFF

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes became BFFs when Beckham first moved to Los Angeles. There have been recent reports that the duo had called the friendship quits and that Holmes and Beckham were very busy these days hurling insults at each other. The rumours were sparked even more when stories came out that Holmes’ marriage […]

Kate Hudson Spends Birthday with Owen Wilson

Kate Hudson turned 29 this past Saturday and she spent her big day with Owen Wilson, adding fuel to the rumour’s fire that the two are back together. And they definitely look back together, with Kate jumping on Owen as he relaxes in the shade. Not the best picture ever provided tous by the paparrazi […]