Lindsay Lohan and Dad Make Fight Very Public

lohan1.jpgLindsay Lohan and her father Michael clearly don’t get along but I don’t understand why they need to drag it out for all the world to see. Well, I can see why she does because someone has to defend her and clearly, that someone is going to be her. But what he’s doing now is just ridiculous and there seems to be no reason for it.

Michael Lohan has now told the media that Lindsay had every intention of going on a mission to India soon with the church he belongs to. Say what?!? It’s absolutely preposterous!! And Lindsay seems to think so too. From Celebitchy,

“I just wish that he wouldn’t go and talk to the media,” she said Friday on radio’s The Billy Bush Show. “It’s not attractive to me, it really upsets me and I wish he would stop. … I love my father. I just don’t know why he’s doing what he’s doing. It’s a weird situation, very odd.”

And for whatever reason, Michael thought that he had to fight back. He phoned back into the radio show saying,

“I think we can all see that her present so-called friends and management have her focused on the wrong projects and things,” he told me. “If Lindsay would just listen to me and follow my guidance, like she did when her life was on the right path, and before the people you see now that are in her life, I guarantee that her life would straighten out and she’d be back to being the gifted actress everyone knew and loved.”

Besides these ridiculous stories about Lindsay travelling abroad to preach to people, what kind of father says these things about his daughter? He’s basically telling people that she’s no longer talented in her career of choice and that no one likes her anymore. Oh, that’s nice.

It sounds to me as though he is trying to make excuses for his daughter and he doesn’t realize that he no longer needs to. Lindsay’s choices, good or bad, are in fact Lindsay’s choices. It’s what we call being an adult. Did he ever stop to think that forcing her to live the “good girl” life may have had something to do with her out of control rebellion? Whatever the reasoning, she has her own life now and what she chooses to do with it is no one but Lindsay’s decision. Why does a parent need to be told that?

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