Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Want Us To Sit Through More Of Their Crap

Yes, sadly, it’s true. Heidi and Spencer want yet another time slot where they can show off their pathetic attempts to fool us into believing that they’re actually a couple. Except this time there won’t be any Lauren Conrad to make things interesting; it will just be an hour full of wedding planning drama. Mindless […]

Ignatius Martin Upton Makes His Debut!

Cate Blanchett gave birth to her third son last week and he was home very briefly before his mum whisked him away to the 2020 Summit. The meeting is to encourage creativity and intellegient discussion revolving around arts and politics. It seems that three boys just aren’t enough for Blanchett as she also co-chaired the […]

Kanye West and Alexis Phifer Split!

Kanye West has broken up with his fiance, Alexis Phifer. The hip-hop star broke off the engagement being very vague in his reasoning and telling her that it simply wouldn’t work between the two. But breaking her heart wasn’t enough for Kanye. He had to also ask her for his ring back because with his […]