Stars with Pregnancy Problems

kidman.jpgYou often hear about fairytale romances and pregnancies in Hollywood and wonder how the stars do it. It seems their pregnant one day and having the baby the next with really no muss or fuss in between. But there are many stars walking around Tinseltown that are finding that pregnancy is not as glamorous as it sounds. Here are the stars that are having the most trouble with their pregnancies.

has come out and said that she had post-partum depression. I don’t know, is she trying to make headlines with this one? Does she know what post-partum is? She says she didn’t know she had it until it was over but because the depression is an actual chemical imbalance, it can’t be over without getting proper treatment for it. So either a doctor told her that she had it and she still didn’t realize it or she had a case of the baby blues and is mistaking it for post-partum.

really is having trouble with her first pregnancy with her husband Keith Urban. Although her health and the baby’s health seem to be okay, Kidman is havinga lot of trouble with morning sickness. Hopefully it will abate as she enters her second trimester but for right now, if you see her running, you best get out of the way!

isn’t pregnant and therefore, not having any problems in that regard but her son Johan was looking quite sick as Heidi brought him in to the Beverly Hills Medical Center yesterday. Hopefully it’s just a cold bug and Heidi will be busy chasing him around the house in no time.

And really is pregnant but apparently seems to be loving pregnancy! No problems here. Oh right, there is the fact that she’s 17.

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