Jimmy Kimmel Is Going To Get A Rosie O’Donnel Lap Dance?

jimmyhalf.jpgThere are some days when I am sooo happy I don’t actually own a television; even though, as an American, I’m surrounded by them. However, that still means that my chances of seeing Rosie O’Donnel give Jimmy Kimmel a lap dance. It’s not that I have anything in particular against either of them; not personally anyway. They’re just not attractive… in any way. Rosie O’Donnel‘s ass is huge, she looks a bit man-ish and Jimmy Kimmel looks like a weasel. From InTouch:

Rosie O’Donnell wants to get up close and personal with Jimmy Kimmel. The loud-mouthed comedian and TV host admitted on her web site that the one thing she always wanted to do but just hasn’t gotten around to yet is to “give Jimmy Kimmel a lap dance.” She’d better be ready to rise to the occasion! The late-night TV host wasted no time in accepting her offer. “God is listening to your prayers,” said Jimmy on his show last night. “Let me just say, Rosie, I accept your offer and I would love to be part of making that dream come true for you. Whenever you want to do it, I am here, and my lap is open for business. Get ready to have your underpants stuffed full of cash.” It won’t be the first outrageous, risqué on-camera stunt for Jimmy. Not one to be out-done by his girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, who spoofed him with her “I’m F***ing Mattjimmykimmel0417.jpg Damon” video, Jimmy filmed a hilarious response video with Matt’s BFF Ben Affleck, and a host of guest stars. The question is, what will Sarah do to top this?”

Hmm. I have to say though, both the I’m F*cking Ben/Matt videos are pretty “F*cking” funny, but what could Sarah possibly do? I have a stunt in mind that involves three lemons, Oprah, and a cheese grater, but something tells me they aren’t going to pick my idea.

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