Joel Madden Comes Home

nicolerichie.jpgAfter a long tour, Joel Madden finally comes home. Nicole Richie couldn’t wait to seehim as her and baby Harlow went to LAX to welcome him home. Apparently, Richie doesn’t have a nanny and so she’s had to watch that little girl all by herself. Can you imagine? How hard that must be for a big celebrity with zillions of dollars! From Gossip Girls,

Nicole would be happier if he [Joel] just focused on his clothing line. His music takes him away from her and it’s difficult for her to be watching the baby alone while he’s out touring. Nicole doesn’t have a full-time nanny, so she’s watching the baby around the clock and it has taken a toll.”

While at the airport, Nicole left Harlow hidden under a blanket so there would be no snapshots taken of the little one. I wonder what the hardest part is for Nicole. The middle of the night feedings or not being able to go out partying whenever she chooses? I know she cleaned her act up during the pregnancy and right after the baby was born but I’m predicting that she will start slipping. Not only is she notorious for it but she’s now forever tied to a rock star, for cryin out loud!

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