Adnan & Britney: Are They On Or Off?

293griffinkathy080607.jpgDespite a lack of coverage on the tragic and troubled couple, Kathy Griffin, known for her non-entertaining and ultimately boring show, “My Life On The D-List,” says that they are still an item. Kathy‘s been hanging around with Adnan for an episode of her show, and says that Adnan was getting calls from Britney on his cell. From InTouch:

Britney Spears’ relationship with photographer Adnan Ghalib has been on and off many times, and now Kathy Griffin confirms the former couple is still in contact. Kathy, who recently spent time with the British paparazzo for a hotly anticipated episode of her hit show My Life on the D-List, tells In Touch that it’s not over yet. “As far as I know, Britney is still attracted to him,” she says. The revelation is surprising since the pair has not been spotted publicly together since her father, Jamie Spears, took control of her life weeks ago. Kathy says she was shocked by “the astonishing number of calls Adnan took from a ‘private caller’ whose name rhymes with Prlitney Splears,” during the afternoon they spent together shopping at Victoria’s Secret. But Britney, 26, has been keeping her options open, too, since she’s been getting close to ex-husband Kevin Federline lately. In an unrelated incident, Adnan, 35, was reportedly treated by medics on the evening of April 12 after he was said to have sustained a knife wound to his arm, a black eye and facial lacerations. According to a report, Adnan claims he doesn’t know who attacked him but is “doing okay.” Britney and Adnan reportedly called it quits in March. “He drives like a maniac,” Kathy says of Adnan, and jokes, “I took a Dramamine!””

webb_adnan_080414_mn.jpgWhoa, whoa. Some random person attacked poor Adnan? Awww. My guess is that Jamie Spears paid off someone to beat the crap out of Adnan to keep him from hanging around Britney. So, despite a lack of actual public together-ness, and reports that in March the two were calling it quits, Kathy claims the two are still knee deep in romance. As well as that Adnan drive like a lunatic.

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