Mark Speight’s Father Pleads With His Son

markspeight.jpgMark Speight is a very well-known British TV presenter. In the past he’s been most known for presenting the children’s show SMart. Now he is most known for his disappearance. This is truly a story that is cloaked in tragedy.

In January of this year, Speight came home to find his fiancee dead in their apartment after she had taken a lethal combination of cocaine, sleeping pills, and alcohol. At first Speight was charged with her death but those charges were quickly dropped. He has been severely depressed since that time and has now gone missing. People last saw him boarding an underground train in London on April 7 and no one, not even his family, has heard of him since. His father, Oliver Speight is now trying to reach him through the media. ContactMusic quotes Oliver,

“Please don’t give up on us because we are not giving up on you,” the statement said.

“Mark, wherever you are or whatever you are doing to give yourself time to deal with your own personal grief, we totally understand but we need you to get in touch.”

The Metropolitan Police have received many claims that Speight has been seen in several different places but these have yet to be confirmed and the police will continue to strive to find the young man.

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