Michael Lohan Won’t Leave The Divorce Alone!

dina-lohan.jpgDina Lohan is not the most celebrated parent in the world, for her obvious missteps in raising her daughter, Lindsay Lohan. I’ve compared her in the past to some pretty classic screw-ups, such as Lynne Spears, and she’s definitely on my Worst Celebrity Parents list, which pretty much starts with Angelina Jolie. Yes, I know, shame on me for not promoting child collecting and pseudo political promotion. Anyway, Michael Lohan has re-opened his divorce case with Dina Lohan, because apparently she did not exactly fulfill all the agreements. From Us Magazine:

Michael Lohan says he plans to reopen his divorce against his ex-wife Dina, claiming that she has made it “hard as hell” for him to see their three children.

“I gave her the family house, all the furniture and the $200,000 she owed me just so that I could see my kids and have a relationship with them,” Michael tells New York’s .

He says Lindsay‘s grandparents also haven’t seen their granddaughter “even though my father is dying, and my mother was in a on Easter.

“[Dina] told me, ‘It’s up to the kids if they want to see their grandparents,'” he adds. “But she’s made no effort to put them in touch or make this happen.”

Michael also says Dina‘s upcoming E! was — gasp! – his idea.

“It’s the exact same show I pitched,” he claims. “She even used my title.”

On Monday, Michael released a statement to Usmagazine.com, insisting that “Lindsay has NOTHING to do with me opening my divorce case or any other suits that are being filed against Dina.”

eeec0156-7993-4bb0-9022-637947310f2fwidec.jpgHe said that “Dina uses people, gets what she wants and then turns her back on them or claims the ideas were hers all along. She thinks the law doesn’t apply to her or her family since they always get away with things and use Lindsay‘s name to do it.””

This is most likely the case, but whoa… Lindsay doesn’t visit her dying grandparents?! Wow, that’s harsh. Right, it is up to Lindsay, who is an adult, and Dina is an idiot who obviously refuses to be held accountable for anything; so why doesn’t this supposedly reformed party girl get off her ass and go see her family? Personal issues, maybe. I hope Michael Lohan fries Dina when this case re-opens. I’ve never liked the wench, personally.

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