Why Celebrities Get a Bad Rep

It’s true, mention the word “celebrity” and automatically people think of someone that is rich, famous, spoiled and more often than not, stupid. These may be generalizations but there are lots of celebrities out there that prove this to be very true. Here are the top stories of stupid celebrities this week.

attended a teen party this week with her fiance Casey Aldridge when he got into a physical fight with some of the other boys after they had had a few too many drinks. Spears, trying to break the fight up, got caught in the middle and was injured in her mouth when it was met with an elbow. I don’t begrudge her for trying to break up a fight but should a pregnant mom-to-be attend such a party? It’s different if you’re an adult but she’s 17 for heaven’s sakes! Those kinds of things generally tend to happen at those parties, which makes this just plain stupid.

And speaking of young celebs acting their age, has come out saying that he doesn’t watch his wife’s Demi Moore’s sex scenes in movies claiming that he doesn’t want to believe that she’s into someone else. Is he not an actor himself? Does he not know that that’s her work? Oh right, he’s like 12. And stupid.

And speaking of immature, has had some disgusting analogies when he denies dating Cameron Diaz. Read the story for full details but let’s suffice it to say that it involves him doing rude things with a dog.
has been trying hard to get herself into the papers lately with her recent divorce settlementfrom Paul McCartney. She’s not speaking out about him but she does make comments about how she’s happy he has other girlfriends now and that she’s happy to not be with him. I think that feeling’s mutual Heather. Not only are these comments stupid but her desperate attempt to stay in the limelight is pathetic.

chef has been fired for among other things, having sex in his boss’ bed. When you’re working for a huge actor and getting paid major bucks, would you really want to risk it with something like this? And how gross is that?!? Stupid!

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