Ivana Trump Gets Married… Again

ivana_trump_rubicond.jpgYes, I know… what else is new? This is the fourth time now, and honestly, I really do wonder at the men that are marrying her? Do they expect to be the ones raking in the cash after the divorce? I swear, it’s like they get married, and then there’s a race to the divorce lawyers. Pre-nup? Never! In these days, a pre-nup would defeat the whole purpose of getting married. Which is of course, to screw someone, nicely, out of their money and belongings. From People:

“With 50 attendants and a $1 million diamond ring, Ivana Maria Trump married Rossano Rubicondi Saturday before 500 friends and family members at Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach estate of her ex, Donald Trump.

“I am so happy my friends from around the world came to be with me on my wedding day,” Ivana Trump told PEOPLE before the ceremony.

Under a 15-ft. arch covered in orchids and roses, Trump, 59, and Rubicondi, 35, an Italian model-actor she has dated for six years, shared short kisses after exchanging vows. The ceremony was conducted by Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, The Donald‘s sister, and was attended by the man himself.

Their sons, Donald Jr., 30, and Eric, 24, gave the bride away, while daughter Ivanka, 26, served as mom’s maid of honor.

Taking inspiration from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Trump was prepared for a colorful night with three pink dresses: a silk Zuhair Murad wedding gown, a cocktail dress and a dinner dress.

Guests, including actor George Hamilton and Kathy and Rick Hilton, will dine in the goldand white Grand Ballroom amid thousands of flowers, the same room where Donald and Melania Trump hosted their wedding dinner three years ago. A 12-ft.-high chocolate wedding cake was flown in from Germany.

Also imported: the 24-piece orchestra, which flew in from Paris. Says wedding planner Cheryl Clisby: “It proves that no matter what the age of the bride, she gets whatever she wants on her wedding day.”

As for how the bride – who was wed to Donald Trump for more than 13 years – is approaching her new marriage, she told PEOPLE last fall : “It just feels right. I have no fears.” She called her fiancé “a great guy with a lot of talent” who “always has a smile on his face.”

For Rubicondi, he’s in as much awe. “She’s an amazing woman. Beautiful, smart, sexy, powerful, successful, young in spirit,” he told PEOPLE. “We have fun together – otherwise I wouldn’t be getting married!””

ivana_trump180.jpgDonald Trump actually went to the wedding? God, what a circus. If marriage is a “I bet I can f*ck you, faster than you can f*ck me” contest, then the wedding is the preemptive winner’s celebration. Notice how the bride always has the most stuff? That’s because she knows who’s going to win. On the other hand, Ivana and Rossano have known each other for six years, so maybe …and I stress “maybe”, they actually give a shit about each other, but folks, I’m not holding my breath. By the way, has anyone else noticed that the Trumps arecloser than a lot of other celebrity families?

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#1 Suzee on 04.18.08 at 8:41 am

OMG I saw the highlights on ET. She looked so awkward and he barely pays attention. Body language says a lot here and I didn’t see any lust or love?! She is an old fool and he is a gold digger.

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