Ivana Trump Gets Married… Again

Yes, I know… what else is new? This is the fourth time now, and honestly, I really do wonder at the men that are marrying her? Do they expect to be the ones raking in the cash after the divorce? I swear, it’s like they get married, and then there’s a race to the divorce […]

Sean Penn’s Divorce is Off!

We often hear of the marriages and weddings of celebrities being called off but, a divorce? It seems so in the case of Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn. From Mercury News, “Oscar winning actor Sean Penn and his wife Robin Wright Penn have withdrawn their divorce petition.A Marin County Superior Court commissioner dismissed divorce […]

Are Seacrest and Monk Engaged?

Well, there’s no doubt that the two are dating. Ryan Seacrest and Sophie Monk have been seen together all over Hollywood, most recently at a Los Angeles sushi bar on Tuesday night. From Just Jared, “American Idol host and Australian singer/actress were spotted out on a date at an LA sushi restaurant on Tuesday. Ryan, […]

AshWentzday Are Getting Married

Usually, I’m not a big fan of the star nicknames such as Brangelina and Bennifer but in the case of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, there’s just something too cute about it. The two, that are now being called AshWentzday, have recently announced their engagement. Their statement showing on Perez Hilton’s site says, “We know […]

Spelling Reveals It All

Tori Spelling has decided that it’s time to appear in the news for something other than getting shafted in her dad’s will. She has now stripped down to a bikini in a photo shoot with Startraks, a photo agency in Beverly Hills to reveal her pregnant belly. From SFGate, “The 34-year-old wife of actor Dean […]