Ryan Sutter: An All Out Pig

trista-ryan-b.jpgAs are most men, at least of the Hollywood variety in my opinion, but generally yeah… most men. Ryan Sutter comes to Us Magazine, and let’s “Us” know the same recycled and regurgitated, misogynistic facts that all mid-life-approaching men do. “Breast feeding is a turn on, looking at other chicks,” etc., you know the routine. Men who try to act like the honest down-to-earth type come across as vulgar, arrogant, not to mention conceited and untrustworthy. From Us Magazine:

Trista Sutter‘s husband Ryan is sharing secrets of fatherhood.

“Even when you’re about to breastfeed, we get turned on because we’re guys and we just see boobs,” he says at the start of a column for MomLogic.com titled “10 Things You Don’t Know About Dads.”

The Sutters have an 8-month-old son, Max, and told Us Weekly they are trying for another baby. (Click here to see Trista and Ryan through the years.)

Ryan also admits that fathers fake ignorance about “poopy diapers” to “let you discover it” and that “sometimes we feel fat.”

Though Ryan admits to wearing sunglasses to check out “cute 25-year-olds who walk by,” he advises: “It’s really sexy when you have no makeup on. Honestly, we prefer less makeup and seeing you in casual clothes.””

sutters.jpgSadly, this is what you get from this generation of males. In twenty years, women won’t even remember what modesty means, and all the men will be on pharmacological supplements for happiness. Ryan Sutter tells women, ‘Show us your boobs, don’t be mad when we look at other chicks, and don’t worry about trying to look nice, we don’t care.’ Trista Sutter must be either mentally atrophied, or cheating on him too often to care.

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#1 just me on 04.09.08 at 9:03 am

please, it ain’t that bad. He’s human and a heterosexual male. You forget to mention how much he loves his wife and kid and appreciates his mother in law.

#2 elizabeth on 06.04.08 at 3:03 pm

OMG if u are married or even have a boy friend
u should no that everyonelooks when some one hot good looking however u want to put it walks by and ya most men are attacted to boobs if he were not i might say he is gay get over it. it is a normal thing
and u never no these mags. take what u say and how u say things and switch things around

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