Lohan’s Dad is Unhappy

lohan.jpgLindsay Lohan’s dad is upset and it’s not because she has that little substance abuse problem. His displeasure comes from the type of movie roles that she is choosing. Lohan is currently playing the role of Nancy Pitman in the movie Manson Girls. The movie is about Charles Manson and his slew of violent and cruel killings. In the movie the character that Lohan plays is a girl that is entranced with Manson and it’s believed that she went with the crazed man to the murder scenes afterwards to help him destroy evidence.

Lindsay’s dad thinks that she should bedoing more of the same type of films that she’s been doing such as Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded. From Celebedge,

“Her dad Michael thinks his daughter – who will play Nancy Pitman, a cult follower of the notorious Manson who was convicted of seven counts of murder in 1971, in ‘Manson Girls’ – should stick to the “mainstream films” which made her a star.

He said: “I really hope that Lindsay gets back to the kinds of films that led to her success. I’d like to see her do more mainstream films.

“Some of the movies she has done recently were geared to a specific audience. But when you’re the kind of star Lindsay is, you have to appeal to a general audience, not just a specific audience.”

If he’s not pleased with his daughter doing this film, he probably won’t be too happy about her next project either, which is a film where she co-stars with Jared Leto. The film is about the assassination of John Lennon back in 1980. The film is called Chapter 27.

I think these types of movies are exactly what Lindsay Lohan should be doing. She’s been displayed in the media too often recently as a bimbo Hollywood star and, I’m not saying there wasn’t good reason for it, but if she wants to revive her career she needs to show that she carries a little bit of depth.

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