Biggest Reunions of the Week

britney1.jpgStars in Tinseltown are always hooking up, breaking up, and getting back together it seems. It’s hard to know what’s rumour and what’s fact but there are some stories that just can’t be denied. Here are this week’s stories of stars that are making a love reconnection, as well as the ones that will never again make any kind of connection.

One couple that we will never again see gazing into each other’s eyes are Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Brown has just come out with a book revealing everything, and I mean everything about his marriage to Whitney. The book includes stories about his drug use and how he cheated on her. If you catch these two staring at each other, you can bet they’re giving each other the stare of death.

But are they or aren’t they? It’s reported that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline may be reuniting after they spent a weekend away together and Jamie Spears has also been rumoured to have been trying to convince K-Fed to go back to Britney. Now that’s embarrasing.

And there’s no talk yet of Jessica Simpson getting back together with her ex John Mayer but there’s a lot of talk about how much she wants to. Is she that stupid that she’s forgotten about her relationship with Tony Romo?

nkotb.jpgAnd perhaps the most embarrasing reunion of all is that of the New Kids on the Block. Let’s all give one big , “HA!” They must have run out of money because what else could have possibly possessed this group to think it was a good idea to reunite? If you take away “New” (because they’re not), and you also take away “Kids” (because they’re not), you have “on the Block.” And everyone knows that when you’re “on the Block,” it’s only a matter of time.

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#1 run a car on water on 07.19.08 at 8:52 pm

I am going to have to read Bobbi Browns book. I bet that Whitney is no angel.

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