Anne Hathaway Is Dating A Criminal!

annehathaway0404.jpgWell, kind of. Anne Hathaway‘s boyfriend was actually arrested for a bad check. That might not seem like such a big deal tomost of us; almost everyone has written a bad check in their lifetime, and almost all of us got away with it, because as an American, having financial trouble is like having a front door. It’s just there. On the other hand, what most people don’t immediately see is… Why the hell would someone who obviously had the money –and believe me, no matter what they say, you need money, –to date Anne Hathaway, –be writing bad checks? Possible bank error, or… possibly bankrupt? From InTouch & TMZ:

“In other arrest news, Anne Hathaway‘s longtime boyfriend, Italian property developer Raffaello Folliere, was nabbed yesterday for trying to pass a bad check — for $250,000, according to Raffaello was also recently ordered by a Washington, D.C., court to pay a PR firm $250,000 for work done on his behalf. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time he’s been calledout for some shady dealings. Last year, The Wall Street Journal ran a profile on the lawsuit billionaire Ron Burkle brought against Raffaello for allegedly using $1.3 million in business funds to support his (and reportedly, Anne’s) lavish lifestyle. Raffaello‘s lawyers are apparently sorting out the bad check issue and he is no longer in police custody. ”

prev28.jpgHe’s probably a mobster. But, on the other hand, those guys know how to not get caught. He’s like a pseudo-amateur crook. People spend ridiculous amounts of money, on ridiculous things, that’s just Hollywood for you. This is the kind of thing any woman would look at in a guy and say, “Oh no, absolutely not.” But celebrities on the other hand, they don’t have nearly as much goodsense. I have my money on the fact that Anne Hathaway won’t even bat an eyelash.

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