Lindsay Lohan: Friends Say, Not Gay!

572-lindsay-lohan-wardrobe-malfunction.jpgI don’t know about all the speculation on whether or not Lindsay Lohan is gay, lesbian, bisexual, whatever. The attention that Lohan‘s sexuality gets is astronomical. If you’d been to the parties Lohan was going to a few months back, it’s amazing that PETA wasn’t involved. Who knows who was screwing, making out, whatever with who or what? People that are really blitzed, do occasionally find things like potted plants sexually attractive. So why the big deal about Lindsay being a lesbian/bi? From InTouch:

Lindsay Lohan has sparked headlines about her sexuality with rumors that she’s dating DJ Samantha Ronson, but a friend tells In Touch that she’s not gay. Wayne Joffe, a pal of Lindsay’s and designer of the Wayne Hadly collection, says: “Lindsay is friends with Sam — she isn’t a lesbian!” Lindsay, 21, was at Goa in LA on March 27with Sam, 30, but the DJ was the furthest thing from her mind. “Lindsay was hitting on Kanye West,” says an onlooker. “She was trying to talk to him all night until he finally asked her to join him at his table.” Lindsay has recently been wearing a ring with Sam’s initials.”

lindsaylohan0403.jpgWhat’s the big issue with Lindsay being gay anyway? Maybe it would be a nice change for her, to break away from all the losers she’s been hanging around with. That Riley moron will probably be putting dirty videos of Lindsay on the Internet within the next year. Lindsay, if you are gay, more power to you. And pssst…. Kanye West is a weirdo, stick with chicks.

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#1 zwatcher on 10.14.08 at 2:01 pm

she’s still young and experimenting, most likely SHE doesn’t know if she’s gay, straight, bi, try or asexual. leave her alone and let her find who and what she is for her self.

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