Aniston Will Shine Again

jennifer_aniston.jpgJennifer Aniston hasn’t been able to rid Brad Pitt of her life completely. But at least this time it’s by her own choice. Aniston has formed a production company with Kristin Hahn. The two both worked in Plan B films with Aniston’s former husband of five years, Brad Pitt. They have called their new production company Echo. From People,

“We’re drawn to stories about people finding their voice and finding their way because they help us … [make] sense of our lives through the stories of others,” Aniston said in a statement. “That’s why we chose the name Echo, to echo back an idea, a challenge, something that resonates through all of us.”

According to the showbiz paper, the company will have a first-look deal with Universal Pictures.

The two have already reportedly acquired the rights to several projects – some designed as star vehicles for Aniston.”

The two have acquired the rights to Getting Rid of Matthew, a book by U.K. novelist Jane Fallon. Also watch for The Divorce Party, written by Laura Dave. The pair are also teaming up in their new company to bring to the big screen some true life stories as well. These include titles such as Counter-Clockwise and The Goree Girls.

It’s nice to see Aniston in the news for something other than the gory divroce details from her and Mr. Cheater. God speed, Jennifer, I wish you nothing but the best.

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#1 Margaret on 04.01.08 at 3:54 pm

Thank you for the post about Jennifer and the kind words. She’s a classy babe.

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