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Has-Beens Now in the News

It seems this past week has had many stars emerging onto the covers of magazines and in blogs that to be frank, we may have forgotten all about. Or at least tried to. Here are the latest has-beens that have found their way back to the spotlight. Remember ? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. […]

Madden’s Love Song to Paris send flowers in scarborough

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are making our stomachs turn once again as they announce to world – once again – how much they love each other. Benji Madden has turned to what he knows best, music, to let Paris know just how much he loves her. From Digital Spy, “Paris Hilton has revealed that […]

Amy and Blake are on the Rocks kinwa salad

And we’re not talking about a drink although that might be their first thought. This story of salad quinoa recipes and of Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil just gets more screwed up by the low calorie dressings and the minute. First he’s in jail and there’s all kinds of salad dressing recipes healthy and of […]

Jason Lee and Ceren Alkac: Parents-to-Be! libedo booster

Jason Lee, who has us laughing in our seats every week on the libido booster for women and the hit sitcom My Name is Earl is expecting a baby with his girlfriendCeren Alkac. From Celebrity Baby Scoop, “My Name Is Earl star and his girlfriend, Ceren Alkac, are expecting their first child together this fall. […]

Mariah Carey Gets A Recycled Ring!

Haha! Serves her right. Sorry, guys, but Mariah Carey to me is just so… ew. You rarely see her wearing an entire outfit; whereas other celebrities occasionally cover themselves up. Then there’s the whole Mariah Carey issue with her completely blowing off her fans, and her weird attitude about children. So when rumors start in […]

Carey and Cannon: Engaged?

There are very few, if any,  celebrities that I hate more than Mariah Carey. It’s been nauseating to sit through all of her interviews and the rest of the media coverage listening to her go on and on about her new album that’s coming out. I think it’s called, “Yup! I’m still crazy!” Now she […]

The Rocket’s Pants Are on Fire!

Roger Clemens, or The Rocket, as he was known to fans and fellow team members, was the main focus of the steroid accusations that were flying around late last year due to The Mitchell Report and now it’s come out that he not only lies to the press and his fans but also to his […]

Beyonce & Jay-Z: Shotgun Wedding? Pregnant? Oh no!

What is she going to do about her gorgeous figure? Gasp! Actually, it’s not confirmed. However, there are rumors a’floating around that the reason Jay-Z and Beyonce were just *poof!* married one day, is because Beyonce was knocked up. At least according to Hollyscoop: “Looks like the celebrity baby boom that started last year is […]

Madonna Keeps Divorce Rumors Going

Madonna had the media all a buzz last month when there were rumors that she was going to be getting a divorce from her husband of eight years, Guy Ritchie. Although the rumors stated that she wouldn’t be doing so until the fall at least, it was thought that they were definitley going to split. […]

Miley Cyrus Photo Controversy

It’s too bad that just when you think that a new “good girl” has come to Hollywood, they seem to blow it by appearing on the Internet or in a magazine with their body hanging all over the place. And such is the case with Miley Cyrus. She recently did a photo shoot for Vanity […]

Wesley Snipes: ThreeYears In Prison! What?! Nooo!

Apparently due to tax crimes and attempts to commit tax fraud, Wesley Snipes has been sentenced to three years in a prison. Although the time he serves may not be exactly the hardest there is, it’s still pretty lengthy. Two other actors even tried to vouch for Snipes‘ character, but it made no effect whatsoever […]

It’s Divorce Court for Coleman and Price

Literally, Divorce Court, as in the TV show. Gary Coleman announced early this year that he and his new wife, Shannon Price had secretly gotten married on a mountaintop last August. The story had questions – valid questions – thrown its way from the very beginning. Why the secrecy? Why is such a young, attractive […]

Amy Winehouse Hates Chivalry!

If you see Amy Winehouse coming towards you, do not, I repeat, do not! try to do anything nice for her! Apparently, she assaults this type of person. Some guy who tried to hail her a cab got head-butted in the face. Poor man. Once again, a prime example of geographical differences in behaviour. Down […]

Paris & Benji Make Headlines Again healthy smoothie recipes with kale

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden have made their way onto the recipe for pineapple mango smoothie and the pages of healthy smoothie recipes kale and of magazines and blogs everywhere once again. The latest news (that can actually be called news) is that Benji has very recently had hit-and-run charges thrown at him. From The […]

Ashlee Simpson: Still Avoiding Direct Answers About Pregnancy

Ashlee Simspon was on the Ellen DeGeneres show the other day, and still refuses to go either way on being pregnant. Even though, Ellen, known for her straightforward approach to celebrity interviews, asked her right upfront whether or not she was knocked up, Ashlee was mum. Well, not “mum” –you know what I mean. From […]

There’s More Babies Coming!

It seems as though the newest trend for celebrities is to have babies and it’s not going to die down anytime soon. Blogs and magazines everywhere are still covered with “Is she or isn’t she?” questions and more stars are starting to announce the news while they walk around flashing their bumps. Here are the […]

Star Jones & Al Reynolds: DUNZO!

Star Jones and Al Reynolds are filing for a divorce, after being married for about three and a half years… Which isn’t so bad when you consider most celebrity marriages last in terms of months, not years. Star Jones was especially regretful over having brought paparazzi and media coverage into her romantic life. Hindsight is […]

Suri Gets Married? vitamin d3 functions

Okay well not really since Suri Cruise is only two years old but you would think that was the vitamin d def symptoms and the case from looking at the vitam d3 and the celebration that took place. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise spent a whopping $100,000 on the vitamin d dosing and the little […]

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: New Romance Or No?

There’s been so-o-o much speculation on who Jennifer Aniston is finally going to start dating. None of us want Jennifer Aniston to be a spinster, and since the home-wrecking slut-ball Angie Jolie showed up, Jen‘s been in and out of relationship rumors all the time. I mean, it honestly does look like there’s just no […]

More Gerard Butler Romance Rumors

This time revolving around Gerard and his neighbor Cheryl Burke; supposedly they shared a secret kiss at Eva Longoria’s restaurant. Before I get into it, I have to address this nagging irritation I have here. Why does everyone suddenly only give a shit about Butler‘s television career? He was in Beowulf, damn it! He was […]