Brad and Angelina Married?!?

brangelina1.jpgBrad and Angelina have a way of keeping people talking aboutthem. When it was first rumoured that she was pregnant, they couldn’t just come out and say, “Yes she is.” Now there are reports that this past Saturday, they got married in New Orleans. From Star Magazine,

“Sources in a position to have information regarding a secret wedding ceremony between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had confirmed to Star that the couple married in the French Quarter Wedding Chapel on Saturday, March 29. “There were two weddings, one planned and one unplanned,” one source told Star. “Brad and Angelina’s was the planned ceremony. The weather wasn’t good, so we were indoors.” After further investigation, the sources are not standing by their story. Brad and Angelina’s reps have not commented.”

Now they can’t just confirm or deny the reports, oh no! That wouldn’t do for the golden couple. How else are they supposed to get their names into every paper that exists on the earth? I don’t know whether I believe this one or not. Brad and Angelina are in New Orleans a lot anyway because they do a lot of work there (on account of the fact that they’re such good people, don’t ya know!) So, it’s possible they just busy out showing how wonderful they are again. I would also doubt that with Angelina’s latest pregnancy problems that getting married would be one of their top priorities. There’s been no rush up to this point so what’s the rush now?

Even if it is true, I doubt it will last. Brad does have that wandering eye to contend with and Angelina must not realize that once a cheater, always a cheater. Oh that’s right, she’s a cheater herself. Well maybe they are perfect for each other after all.

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