Rockett is the Real Poison

poison.jpgRikki Rockett, drummer for the rock band Poison has been arrested on charges of rape. From People,

“Officers from the LAPD’s Airport Division seized the 46-year-old former hairdresser and lifeguard (real name: Richard Ream) as he was going through customs on Monday and then transported him to L.A. County Jail.

Officials there booked him on a felony fugitive sexual assault warrant out of Neshoba County, Miss. Information about the warrant and specific charges was not immediately available. Neither were details of Rockett’s current whereabouts.”

Not much else is known at this time regarding the girl’s identity or how old she is. Not that any of these things matter but they will most surely be coming out soon enough. The charges came about while Rockett was in New Zealand to meet up with some of his old buddies from the band Rock2Wellington and to perform.

He looks creepy, apparantly he is creepy, and as a side note, I didn’t even realize that Poison was still together. I was pretty sure that they became one of those bands that stuck around for a few years with the occasional hit and then just fell by the wayside.

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