Bachelor Is a Sham

bachelor1.jpgIs it really surprising to hear that there are scandalous rumours surrounding the television show The Bachelor? I mean, you get twenty-five desperate and pathetic women all vying for the love of one cocky and arrogant man and really, what else do you expect? But it turns out that this season’s bachelor, Matt Grant, may be in it for all the wrong reasons. From TMZ,

“Turns out Matty boy — a horny Brit — recently met a cutie at a bar. Sadly, for him, it’s someone who works for TMZ. He’s been in touch with her on a pretty regular basis. A few days back, he told her he wanted to permanently move to the U.S. and his lawyer advised him, the best way to do it was to marry an American.”

If he really is in it for all the wrong reasons, which according to this, it seems he is, it’s very unfortunate for me personally. I actually got sucked in to watching the show this season because he just seemed so damn nice! Aw well, hopefully the girls in the house aren’t so stupid…oh never mind.

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