Celeb Couples Headed for Splitsville

We see it all the time and although these stars may be going through heartache, we just can’t wait to sink our teeth into the story of their horrendous breakup. There have been several stories emerging this past week about celebrity breakups and here are just a few.

, who really is one of my faves, has broken up with her boyfriend Chace Crawford and the couple have only been official since October. Reportedly things were going well, Carrie was meeting Chace’s parents and everything seemed to be just ducky. As no one involved has made comment yet, the reason is yet unknown but there definitely is more to this story!

and Helena Christensen have also decided to go their separate ways since getting cozy with each other last summer. The reason here? They were just no longer in love. Once again, there has to be more to the story than that!

And very sadly, Marsha Garces Williams, the wife of has filed for divorce. I guess that’s what you get after 19 years of marriage. The two have a daughter, Zelda, and a son, Cody. Irreconcilable differences is the official reasoning here.

And although they haven’t officially broken up yet, the marriage between Tom Cruisekatieholmes3.jpg and Katie Holmes could be in trouble. First they were fighting over their daughte, Suri’s birthday party and now sources report that Katie is exhausted by Tom and that she spends most of her day trying to stay awake. We’ll keep on the watch but it may not be long before these two find themselves with the single status in Hollywood.

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