Heather Mills = Pathetic Gold Digger

mills.jpgHeather Mills is just as crazy as she looks. Her recent divorce settlement with Paul McCartney gave her fifty million dollars but she is after more. In court, Sir Paul claimed that his total assets were worth 800 million. With this number, the court decided to grant Heather the 50 mil. But now she wants to appeal that decision after her forensic investigation team that she hired finds out that he’s worth more. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“She has told friends she is employing a team of forensic accountants to examine her former husband’s finances. Such information, she hopes, will lead to the divorce ruling being overturned.

In her impromptu press conference after the divorce hearing at the High Court, Miss Mills said: “We all know he’s worth over 1 Billion. He’s been worth 1 Billion for the last 15 years.”

My heart goes out to poor Paul because she really never will go away. What in God’s name could she need more than 50 million dollars for? I think that she’s forgetting the fact that Paul actually earned that money and she did not. And although she may be keeping herself in the papers and in the spotlight, it won’t last long and she is doing nothing good for her own reputation by acting as a money grubber.

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