Too Much, Too Soon for Britney

britdad.jpgBritney Spears has been making great headway lately on her road to recovery. The first step was when her father, Jamie Spears took conservatorship of her estate. After that, she really seemed to be cleaning up her act. She started teaching children dance, she was allowed visitation again with her two young boys, and Britney even stepped back into the right kind of spotlight by appearing on the show How I Met Your Mother, which afterwards she sold her wardrobe from the set and gave all the proceeds to charity. Things were really looking up.

But all of that came to a grinding halt on Monday when a judge in the California Court of Appeal decided that the conservatorship of Britney’s estate should remain in her father’s hands for a little while longer. From People,

“On March 11, attorney, Jon Eardley, who claimed to represent the pop star, filed the appeal to challenge Jamie Spears’s role. Eardley has not been available for comment since Boren’s decision.

On Feb. 14 Eardley filed a civil-rights challenge to the conservatorship, leaving the case in limbo for nearly two weeks – until a federal judge declined to hear it.

Jamie Spears was named co-conservator of his daughter’s estate on Feb. 1 following her second hospitalization in a psychiatric facility, when it was determined she was unable to care for herself. His control is in effect until July 31.

In addition to a $58,800 payment to the conservatorship for attorney fees and other costs, Jamie was given weekly payments of $2,500 and the authority to tap his daughter’s funds to lease a car for her security team. The pop star also cannot leave California before a scheduled April 7 hearing without permission from the court or from her father.”

Jamie Spears is undoubtedly tickled by the dismissal since he has more pocket money than Britney herself these days. Even if he is making a good deal of cash out of it, I do think this decision is for the best. Britney is a troubled girl and although it’s good to see her starting to make some of the right moves, it did all begin with her dad taking control of things. It would be a mistake at this point to hand the reins back over to Britney and see it all go to hell again. Hopefully by the end of July, the pop star really will have her life back together and she can finally take charge of her own decisions once again. And hopefully, the choices she makes at that time will be the right ones.

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#1 Brianne B. on 03.25.08 at 4:18 am

I think that if Britney decides to become an adult that everything will soon get better for her.

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