Too Much, Too Soon for Britney

Britney Spears has been making great headway lately on her road to recovery. The first step was when her father, Jamie Spears took conservatorship of her estate. After that, she really seemed to be cleaning up her act. She started teaching children dance, she was allowed visitation again with her two young boys, and Britney […]

Denise Richards Turns Charlie Sheen Into A Fairy

With her magic wand! Poof! Okay, maybe not with her magic wand, but with a little bit of help from her friends over at Kat Von D’s L.A. Ink tattoo parlour, and their magic wands… The little Charlie tattoo on Denise Richards‘ ankle is gone, baby, gone! From TMZ: “When celeb couples break up, there […]

Mr. McCartney’s Lyrics Strike Again

Paul McCartney has always written songs that seem to strike right at the heart. When with The Beatles, he wrote Hey Jude for Julian, the son of John Lennon, to comfort him while going through his parent’s divorce and just about any other song ever written by the singer just seems to have a way […]

The Newest Love Diet Craze

First there was the Atkins craze and then the South Beach craze. Now, Drew Barrymore has brought to light a new diet that is guaranteed to work. It involves a healthy diet, a little yoga, and a whole lotta love. From Gossip Girls, “Her hot and heavy relationship with JustinLong may have helped her physique […]