Rick Salomon & Pam Anderson: Marriage Between Magic Shows Dissolves


Why did these two even get married? What kind of woman looks at a video with some guy f*cking Paris Hilton, and says “Oh, he’s for me!” Who does that? Pam Anderson, of course. The woman who saw Tommy Lee, and saw him not as a sweaty, womanizing, dirt encrusted scumbag, but as a kind and loving man. And then married him, and everyone else she came into contact with later. From People:

isn’t the only one claiming fraud in her brief marriage – now estranged husband Rick Salomon is making the same allegation.

A month after Anderson sought an rather than a divorce, Salomon also filed papers to annul the two-month union.

Like Anderson, he checked the box marked “fraud” as the reason for the annulment, say the Superior Court documents filed Friday.

Neither has explained why the fraud allegation is being made.

After just two months of marriage, Anderson, 40, from Salomon, 39, in December, citing irreconcilable differences.

They were last October in Las Vegas during a 90-minute break between the magic shows in which Anderson was appearing.”

Ah… marriage between magic shows. That sounds so Vegas romantic. Remember kids; what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Even if it’s a wedding; you can always get an annulment. Hopefully, that’s what Rick Salomon and Pam Anderson will manage to scrape away with. Or one of them is going to lose half of their stuff. Fraud? Someone found out that somebody else was broke, and it was probably both of them.

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