Headlines No One Cares About

Yes, it’s true. Even in the soap opera world of Hollywood, sometimes the media and bloggers just don’t have much to report on. Either that, or the stars in the news are those that no one cares about in general. This week the web waves were filled with news that just goes to show that some people just have too much time on their hands.

Let’s begin with. Talk about having too much time! Poor Ryan has stopped Googling himself because it makes him sad. Don’t worry, Ryan, everyone else has stopped Googling you ever since you treated Reese so shamelessly, as well.ryan.jpg

jessicasimpson.jpgAnd in other unworthy news, has become a fan of basketball, no doubt an attempt at impressing boyfriend Tony Romo. There were several shots of the blondie asking her boyfriend, “Exactly what are they doing?”

It was also reported that and Benji Madden are now in South Africa. Upon seeing this, I was concerned they were going to adopt a baby but it turns out they’re just there for Good Charlotte’s tour. parishilton.jpg

lindsaylohan1.jpgAnd the paparrazi weren’t the only ones thinking about Paris. So was as she stomped out of a fashion show in true celeb-style drama and rage all because Paris’ handbag line was one of the sponsors. Puh-leaze! When will these stars grow up?

And for those who really, truly have nothing to do, here is a picture of pregnant leaving a nail salon. Oh boy! jessicaalba.jpg

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