Kristin Davis: Sex Tape Scandal!

kirstindavis.jpgOh goody! We love those, especially from those obnoxious Sex and the City women. It’s not that I hate the celebrities in the show, it’s just that I hate the show. It’s retarded, and degrading to women who aren’t whores, everywhere. Ahem, tirade over, but anyhow, yes, Kristin Davis, star of Sex And The City, also in the upcoming film, has her own little feature soon to debut all over the Net. From The Evil Beet:

“So is that Kristin Davis has a sex tape that’s getting ready to hit the World Wide Web. Yeah, that’s right: Charlotte York made a sex tape.

Apparently an ex-boyfriend of hers sold some stills from the video to . You need to have access to the members area to get all the shots, and I refuse to do that, but I’ll certainly post what I come across here.

Interesting timing, considering the Sex and the City movie will be hitting theaters soon. If they even think about calling this sex tape Oral Sex and the City, I’m suing someone for total lack of creativity.”

I want to keep HollywoodHeartbreaker safe for work, not to mention, people with kids, so I’m not going to include some of the infamous photos that are supposedly stills from the sex tape. However, they are fairly easily found, if you’ve got a hard-on for old chicks. Not that Kristin Davis isn’t attractive; just that she’s kind of getting on the fossilized side of the hill, and I’m not into MILF porn.

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#1 jay on 03.20.08 at 5:04 am

it’s nice

#2 gabbygirl420 on 11.11.10 at 5:58 am

How is kristen a MILF?, she’s constantly stated she doesn’t want kids. She would need to have children to be MILF.

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