TomKat Actually Having a Dispute

katieholmes1.jpgThe paparrazi were in full force yesterday to watch Katie Holmes exit one of her favourite places to dine in Los Angeles, Joan’s on Third. Reports from different sources say that she has reverted to her girl-next-door look but did she ever really leave it behind? She has been dressing and acting much more mature since having baby Suri with husband Tom Cruise but I never really thought her face changed.

But anyhoo, there is more happening with this couple than just fresh faces and lunches at hot spots. As China Daily reports,

“Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are reportedly in dispute over how to celebrate daughter Suri’s second birthday, according to the National Enquirer.

Cruise is allegedly planning to spend $500,000 on a lavish birthday party but Holmes believes it may be too extravagant.

Tom is out to make Suri’s second birthday a spectacle like no other child has ever had,” a source is quoted as saying.

The insider added: “Katie believes wholeheartedly it would set a bad example. She doesn’t want her daughter to be a spoiled Beverly Hills rich kid who expects the biggest and the best for the rest of her life… She’s all for a nice party, but nothing ostentatious.”

I have to say that I agree with Katie on this one. There is little that it more obnoxious than celebrities throwing their money around by spending $100,000 on Cirque de Soleil acrobats just so they can attend your daughter’s birthday party. Maybe they could just get together with a bunch of their other cult-like scientologists and chant and discuss the evils of Western medicine. Or do whatever else it is they do.

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