Clooney Fends Off Rumours

georgeclooney.jpgGeorge Clooney has been busy dashing the hopes of fans everywhere in their search for more gossip. First he told Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet for the Oscars that he did not buy a house in Malibu for his girlfriend, Sarah Larson. But now the speculation has come up that he has been asked to be the godfather of his friend, Nicole Kidman’s baby that she is having with country singer star, Keith Urban. Contact Music reports,

“GEORGE CLOONEY’s representative has dismissed rumours the star has been asked to act as godfather for NICOLE KIDMAN’s as-yet-unborn baby with country star KEITH URBAN. The 46-year-old was reportedly asked by the Australian actress to be her first biological child’s godfather, allegedly stating her The Peacemaker co-star would “be ideal” in the role. But Clooney’s long-standing representative Stan Rosenfield has laughed off the claims, stating Kidman has definitely not asked the actor to be the child’s religious guide. He says, “They are friends,but George was not asked to be the godfather.”

Clooney has also denied rumours that he would be returning to the show ER. Now, wouldn’t that be something? All they would need then is Noah Wyle back on set and I might start watching that show again.

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