Clooney Fends Off Rumours

George Clooney has been busy dashing the hopes of fans everywhere in their search for more gossip. First he told Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet for the Oscars that he did not buy a house in Malibu for his girlfriend, Sarah Larson. But now the speculation has come up that he has been asked […]

Madonna’s Break-Up Will Happen…Later

Apparently, celebrities are so busy that they actually have to find time to break up! The eight-year marriage between Madonna and Guy Ritchie will end soon enough but for the time being, they have decided to stay together, just separately. According to Celebedge, “For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, Madonna and Guy will keep up […]

Michael Stipe Of R.E.M. Comes Out Of The Closet

Michael Stipe, for those of you who don’t know who he is, shame onyou, –is the frontman for R.E.M. and a very talented and wise man at that. Although I’ve always had my suspicions about his orientation, and honestly, -who hasn’t? –this still comes as somewhat of a shock, because of all the years Michael […]

TomKat Actually Having a Dispute

The paparrazi were in full force yesterday to watch Katie Holmes exit one of her favourite places to dine in Los Angeles, Joan’s on Third. Reports from different sources say that she has reverted to her girl-next-door look but did she ever really leave it behind? She has been dressing and acting much more mature […]