Donald Trump Scandal With Naked Minor!

saofiuanpsoufpaoiufpoaidsf2.jpgOh say it isn’t so! Donald Trump is involved with a nude minor, Chanell Elaine Hallett serving his brand of vodka at some bash, according to a random tabloid out here in Internet land. The party was held by 944 Magazine, which according to a document found online is the “official lifestyle magazine of 2008 Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee.” The event was also supposed to be used to promote “Trump Super Premium Vodka,” which is of course, a PR developed product of the Trump Organization.

As extra fun, the featured hostesses would be body-painted models; small time celebrities, but sexy little split-tails any way around it. One of said models was Chanell, perhaps or perhaps not un-beknownst to the employers, a minor at the time of employment, however close she was to turning 18, it matters not because she was still attending a big crowd event and promoting vodka. The legal technicalities of this might differ state to state but either way, would you want your 17-18 year old daughter promoting vodka -naked- to grown men?

Donald Trumpis involved with a nude minor…

d4rttrivers-copy1.jpgAttached is a photo of the girl, and of her supposed ID, –I noticed that the license not expiring until 2055 was a little suspect, but looked around, and apparently, that’s actually how it works over there. I know it’s off topic, but that’s pretty cool. You could be old and grey before you need to get a new DL. Anyway, the two photos look a lot alike, so this one is probably for serious. Donald Trump might not be the one to take the fall, or the PR at the Trump organization. Even so, someone’s going to definitely have something to explain at the corporate office for 944 Magazine.

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