McCartney’s Divorce is Over

paulmccartney.jpgPaul McCartney and Heather Mills are both finally done with their divorce settlement. The pair agreed to Mills receiving fifty million dollars. That’s a lot of dough just for being married to someone. From The Pop Crunch Show,

“Both sides see this figure as fair and it would be extremely unlikely Heather would appeal and try to get more,” the Daily Mail reports. “This makes her a rich woman and she will want for nothing for as long as she lives.”

“It also means he is rid of her for a fraction of his fortune. They will both now just want to look forward.”

This news has come out after the divorcesettlement hearings were super secret and ultra-private with both sides keeping mum on the subject. I’m sure they are both happy with that figure. She because a cool fifty mill is never a bad thing and he because he finally has that gold digger out of his life.

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#1 James on 03.17.08 at 11:50 am

I don’t normally swear…. but that Heather bird is a right cunt isn’t she?

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