Snoop Speaks on Spitzer

snoopdogg1.jpgSnoop Dogg was on the daytime talk-show today to not only promote his new television show Fatherhood but also to promote his new album Ego Trippin. He tried to come off as a stand-up kinda guy but I’m not so sure it worked. From Celebitchy,

“Barbara Walters mentioned that Snoop is no longer doing only gangster rap, and that he’s matured. She said “no more gangs, no more pot,” and he said “I didn’t say that!” She asked what vices he’s given up since becoming a responsible dad. Snoop said he doesn’t drink, but that he has a medical condition he didn’t specify and that he needs medical marijuana. Joy mentioned glaucoma and Snoop scrunched up his eyes and said “I can’t see that good!”

Being a past pimp, he also spoke out on Eliot Spitzer when asked by the ladies and said that he didn’t have any advice for him at this point. Apparently, it had gone too far and had Spitzer wanted advice before this time, he might have had some but now there was no advice to be given.

He may have won over the ladies on the show but I’m not so sure about the rest of America. Perhaps the regularity of hearing about celebrities mixed up in drugs has made me immune to it but hearing about parents taking the stuff still has an effect on me. Iprobably wouldn’t say much if he had left it at the fact that he needed it for medicinal purposes. I would have been able to look past the fact that anyone with a little bit of cash can get a doctor to write you a note. But here he is on national television laughing about the fact that he has a condition, which he didn’t specify.

I’m also bothered not by the fact that he used to be a pimp but that he would still give advice to one. Again, it’s different for me when this kind of talk comes from a parent. If his little girl grows up to be a prostitute, will he be horrified by it or just simply be an understangind dad ready to offer advice? The whole thing sickens me.

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