Macbeth is in Jail Where He Should Be

macbeth.jpgThe song Build Me Up Buttercup is a tune from the 60s that is one of those songs that will probably never die. It was sung by The Foundations in the 60s and Peter Macbeth founded the group and played bass. Macbeth has just been found guilty of sexual assault of a minor and as if that weren’t enough, downloading online child porn. He committed the heinous assault on a young girl. Not just once, but four times during a period that spanned six years. From BBC News,

“Simon Mills, prosecuting, told the court how there had been four instances of sexual assault on the girl, when she was seven and eight and later when she was 12 and 13, ending in 2005.

The court heard how he would give her alcohol, he also drank heavily and the last offence occurred in a wood while on a walk.

The girl said she would sniff petrol to escape from what he had done, the court was told. After his arrest in June 2006, MacBeth told officers they would find images on his computer. He was writing about a young boy being sexually abused, and said he did not feel he could write with conviction without seeing what it was all about, the court heard.”

Macbeth is dying of cancer of the larynx and he was told after having a tracheotomy, which left him without a voice, that he had approximately three to five years to live. Given that he was sentenced to six years in prison, this means that he will most likely die there. His lawyer pled with the court to show him some mercy, and that his disease would cost him quality of life that would be punishment enough.

I hope I’m not alone in seeing how ludicrous this plea is. I have absolutely no pity for sex offenders, no matter what disease they may be carrying. And I don’t think that six years is enough, whether he’ll live through it or not. Let him rot in jail until the disease takes him. Those may be strong words but I doubt I’ll find anyone that disagrees with me.

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