Hanging Out With the Kids

It’s easy to assume that in the world of Hollywood, it’s all about nannies and nurses when it comes to child care. But here is proof that not all celebrities leave their children in the hands of others. Well, at least not all the time. And although there are many horror stories of bad mothers (one in particular comes to mind) when it comes to famous parents, it’s nice to know that some celebs still value true parenting.

Although she is probably my least favourite star, I don’t know that a case can be madeangelina-maddox-movie-theater.jpg that she is a bad mother. Bad person, yes; but I still haven’t found any proof that parenting is not her thing. Here is out with her son Maddox, catching a movie.

28122_jen4_122_645lo.jpgFrom my least favourite to mymost favourite, has also been seen recently, shopping with her daughter, Violet. I just think she is one of the best moms in Hollywood, if not on the planet, and Violet is just such a little doll.

And Kingston, son of and Gavin Rossdale sure knows that his parents are numero uno as they all head to an intimate dinner for three, before the small party becomes larger with Gwen due just about any day now. stefani-rossdale-brunch.jpg

kate-hudson-ryder-pool.jpgAnother fave of mine is . Apparently, when she was caught wearing the red bikini that was splashed all over everywhere, she wasn’t only trying to tell people that she wasn’t pregnant – she was also spending time with her son, Ryder. Hard to believe he’s four already!

And it’s nice to know that not only are the moms taking control of quality time, but dads are too! Here is a nice shot of out for a walk with his son James, and the family dog. james-wilke-dog-02.jpg

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