Is Britney Spears Pregnant Or What?!

britpreg.jpgIt’s not that she keeps getting fatter; it’s that her belly just looks very pregnant. Is it a baby bump, or lasagna? Another baby is definitely not what Britney needs right now, and I don’t mean to offend all you Papists out there, but if she is pregnant, Britney needs to make a Planned Parenthood visit stat. From L.A. Rag Mag:

“Why so sad Brit? You are rich and famous, and even still sorta pretty and talented… sorta. Oh, and you have kids, remember?

What is going on with our favorite “cool mom”? Britney Spears continues to keep everyone guessing as to whether or not she’s expecting a third child. When we see these pictures it keeps us guessing, but remember people: she is a druggie; she likes to eat when she is coming down. It helps… trust us.

If she is prego, she hasn’t changed her lifestyle. Coloring and bleaching that hay on her head and even eating sushi. Aren’t the ladies with babies on board supposed to avoid raw fish?

Oh well, she is a cool mom. Keep smoking and get that hair colored, you are looking much better… but fatter.”

It’s true that Britney is definitely starting to look a little less, “crawled out from underneath a rock” but, I concur that she is getting bigger. Hopefully, Spears is just gaining some weight, and eventually she’ll work it off again. Not a bad thing, she was looking pretty haggard before.

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#1 amy on 03.16.08 at 11:13 pm

well brit does look pregnant i hope britney makes better choices when this child comes along ifshe is pregnant so she can get jayden and sean preston back

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