Nicole Shops as Her Dad Talks

nicole-richie-joel-party.jpgToday is Joel Madden’s birthday and Nicole Richie is throwing him a bash as the Good Charlotte star turns 29. While she was busy finding justthe right decorations and other party paraphanelia, her father, Lionel Richie was busy giving us all an idea of what Nicole is like as a mother to baby Harlow. From Gossip Girls,

“That baby is the sweetest, most beautiful baby. Nicole’s kid is amazing. Talking of Nicole, Lionel proudly proclaimed that she “has turned into a full-fledged mom. It’s the most frightening thing in the world because you keep thinking, ‘Are you going out?’ And [she’s like], ‘No, dad, can’t go out! She has another feeding — I have to be right here!’”

Well it’s good to see that one party girl in LA knows when to stop the partying, at least for the time being. Maybe we’ll all start to see another side of Richie. That wouldn’t be terrible.

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