Start with Star Treatment Thinks J.Lo

jlomarc.jpgAnd would we expect anything else really? Having a diva as a mom and a superstar singer in his own right for a dad, I’m sure everyone expected it. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony went all out before their twins were even here. Reserving hospital rooms, and having the hospital staff perform test security runs told us all well in advance that a prince and princess were on their way.

It’s no question that they’re going to the extreme but are their expectations realistic? Not only did J. Lo listen to classical musicall through her pregnancy, which is fairly normal, especially for new moms, she now has classical melodies piped into the babies’ room so they can relax. And if that doesn’t do the trick? She’s also hired a masseuse so that the little ones can become more relaxed from all that stress in their lives. I’ve heard of massage as a way of bonding but does it count if someone other than the parents are doing it?

Not only are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony going to extremes to keep their babies’ psyche in check, they are also becoming clean freaks. And just like everything else, they can’t do it without going to the extreme. Celebedge reports,

“She is also paranoid about hygiene. The twins’ wing is totally sterile and all flowers and presents are stored in a separate area so they don’t contaminate the babies’ area. It may sound excessive but she only has her kids’ best interests at heart and wants to give them the start in life she never had. Earlier this week, it was claimed Jennifer is so terrified about the fraternal twins being exposed to germs she asks guests to use a special antiseptic hand lotion and don surgical masks before they enter the nursery.”

I just think this is laughable. Every mom becomes worried about the amount of life-threatening germs lurking in every corner of the house just waiting for their opportunity to attack. But they’re babies! Because their entire world revolves around bodily functions, it’s impossible to keep things spotless! It’s excusable for Lopez, who is a first-time mom but Anthony has children already. It appears common sense has left the building.

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