Does American Idol Condescend To The Gay Community?

hernandezd.jpgI recently happened upon a story from The Evil Beet, that I completely agree with, at least in the capacity that something is a little fishy. Apparently, David Hernandez, a contestant on American Idol has a pretty wild past; he used to be a male stripper for gay night clubs; –totally nude, none of those delicately arranged feather boas, or strategically placed scarves. The corporate office, and producers are completely aware of this. But the actions of American Idol in a similar situation in the past towards a female contestant named Frenchie Davis, kicked off the show for modeling nude in 2003, conflict with their legitimacy. From The Evil Beet:

“Frenchie, if you’ll recall, was the fan favorite booted from American Idol in 2003 after producers learned she’d posed for topless photos on a racy website. At the time, Frenchie was all like, “Dude, I was doing it to pay for college,” but the producers at Fox were all like, “We don’t care. You’re out.”

I interviewed Frenchie on camera at an event in Hollywood about six months ago. Before the interview began, her publicist pulled me aside and was like, “Whatever you do, do not ask her about American Idol. Don’t even say the words. She doesn’t want to talk about it.” So obviously it’s still a sore subject….

So why is David’s stripper past a non-issue, while Frenchie’s topless photos were cause for expulsion?

When the nude photos of Antonella Barba surfaced last season, this same issue came up. But I get the difference. Antonella took those pictures privately and they leaked, whereas Frenchie’s pictures were taken for pay and public consumption. But I don’t get the difference here. Both David and Frenchie got naked for pay. Professionally. And legally, I might add.

Why is David’s past somehow more palatable for the producers? Is it more acceptable for men to take their clothes off for money? I demand an explanation.”

Actually, I don’t think the issue is with whether naked men or women are more appropriate. I think it comes down to someone in the producers’ office being worried about someone else pulling a discrimination card. Not only is David homosexual, but he’s also black. So while the producers of American Idol have managed not to look like racists or gay bashers, instead, they’ve turned into hypocritical sexists. And in my book, condescending to an orientation, or a race, might as well be the same as having prejudices against them, because it is still not seeing the other party as equal.

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