No Help for Little Spears

jamie-lynn01.jpgWhile the entire world seems to be trying to think of solutions to help Britney Spears, that doesn’t seem to be the case for pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears, who is having a hard time with her pregnancy. She has been having severe morning sickness and because she’s gained weight. She is  upset that her mother and father are spending so much time trying to get Britney back to good mental health while she is left at home and having to turn to a crisis centre for help. From Page Six,

“the 16-year-old turned to the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Southwest Mississippi for help on Friday. “

According to a family insider, Jamie Lynn is frustrated that her mother is focusing so much of her energy on her oldersister. “Jamie Lynn wants her parents to stop babying Britney,” the source says.

“It is stressful for Lynne and Jamie because they know Britney is in trouble and they want Jamie Lynn to understand it. The teenager was turned away at the Crisis Pregnancy Center because the facility was not open.”

Jamie Lynn is also  concerned about the fact that she has already gained twenty pounds and Page Six also says,

“For a lot of women it’s not big deal, but for a 16-year-old, it has stressed her out.”

There are just so many things wrong with this picture. Yes, her parents need to be with her big sister but I believe that they also need to realize that they do have a younger daughter at home that is going through something very major as well. Why do they both need to be with Britney? And as Page Six also reports, when Jamie Lynn went the crisis centre was closed, the director of the facility stated,

“I don’t know why Jamie Lynn Spears would come here on a Friday. We’re closed. Jamie Lynn’s not in our Mommy and Me program or taking parenting classes with us. I don’t know why she would come. She hasn’t contacted us about coming here or ever called. She’s never made a financial donation or anything like that.”

Now I realize that there probably wasn’t anything the centre could do about being closed. But did they have to speak about Jamie Lynn like she’s some kind of idiot because of it? And this crisis centre, that is funded by a church, is laughing at people for going because they’re not part oftheir Mommy and me program? Oh, am I sorry, wasn’t it also because Jamie Lynn has never given them any money? They should be ashamed of themselves.

The parents of the Spears girls need to realize that they have two daughters. And while Jamie Lynn may just outwardly be concerned about her nausea and weight gain, she is a sixteen-year-old girl about to become a parent! She may have a little more going on in her head that she could really use her parent’s help with. God, it’s no wonder Britney’s so screwed up!

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