Is Jamie Lynn Spears Having A Little Boy?

080221-spears-vmed-5pwidec.jpgDespite recent reports of Jamie Lynn Spears being troubled about all the attention her sister, Britney Spears was getting, instead of her, Jamie Lynn is a happy mommy-to-be. By the way, those bastards at the “crisis clinic” had better hope and pray that they don’t get sued. Turning away a teen with a crisis? Assholes. Anyway, Jamie Lynn‘s happiness is, for the most part, what counts. Sources are saying that Jamie Lynn is having a boy, which is pretty amazing, considering the fact that Britney has sons as well. The sisters should probably consider themselves pretty lucky; at least they won’t have to suffer through a repeat of their own decisions. From In Touch:

“Looks like it could be another grandson for Jamie and Lynne Spears. According to reports, their youngest daughter (and sister of Britney) Jamie Lynn is getting ready for a baby boy. The young mommy-to-be was spotted at luxury baby boutique Petit Trésor in West Hollywood on February 25 picking up presents for a baby boy and has also purchased about $7,000 of “very basic” furniture for a nursery, including a round crib, changing table and armoire, all in white. “This is the most fun I’ve had shopping in a long time!” Jamie Lynn was overheard saying. ”

I know we here at HH are at least happy that Jamie Lynn is less depressed at this point, and hopefully, she’ll continue to be positive. However, in no way, shape or form does that mean that the situation either sister has been placed in by their own choices is appropriate. The fact that Jamie Lynn is building a nursery also establishes that she plans to keep the baby, which should make for interesting news later. Sorry Britney, but most of us are hoping she does a better job with her kid than you; sad but true.

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