Is Jamie Lynn Spears Having A Little Boy?

Despite recent reports of Jamie Lynn Spears being troubled about all the attention her sister, Britney Spears was getting, instead of her, Jamie Lynn is a happy mommy-to-be. By the way, those bastards at the “crisis clinic” had better hope and pray that they don’t get sued. Turning away a teen with a crisis? Assholes. […]

You Could Win A date With Scarlett Johansson!

Good news for all you guys out there who have been drooling over the celebrity who just happens to look eternally fifteen years old. The actress is planning to raise enormous amounts of money for a charity, in which the guys will be bidding on a date with Scarlett. From InTouch: “It’s a fantasy for […]

No Help for Little Spears

While the entire world seems to be trying to think of solutions to help Britney Spears, that doesn’t seem to be the case for pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears, who is having a hard time with her pregnancy. She has been having severe morning sickness and because she’s gained weight. She is  upset that her mother […]