Male Contestant, Male Stripper

americanidol.jpgAmerican Idol is a way for unknowns to become household names. Each one of those contestants is getting more than their fifteen minutes of fame and generally, the more attention they receive the better. But what about if you’re a male contestant that was a stripper up until last September? And you stripped for men!?!

Well if you’re not sure how they would feel about it, you can ask David Hernandez who took his clothes off at Dick’s Cabaret while other men would hoot and holler. And he even went a little further than that. From The Popcrunch Show,

“David was a big money maker at Dick’s (pun intended), where he appeared fully nude and performed lap dances for a “mostly male” clientele, club manager Gordy Bryan told the Associated Press late Monday.”

How will this affect David’s idol status? Well I suppose if Paula can sleep with contestants, taking your clothes off before the show even started is really not such a big deal.

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