Britney May Be Getting Smart

Well, smart may be a bit of a stretch but it does look like she may be jumping off the crazy train. Of course we all know that Britney is back visiting her boys and that her father, Jamie Spears is pretty much in control of everything she does. All of this may be doing […]

No Ring for Ryder

Winona Ryder has just recently denied rumours that she and Blake Sennett, from the Indie rock band Rilo Kiley are engaged. They attended a Valentino fashion show together in Paris and that’s what apparently got the rumour mill buzzing. From Thaindian News, “a rep for Ryder has dismissed the reports, saying that she has no […]

Male Contestant, Male Stripper

American Idol is a way for unknowns to become household names. Each one of those contestants is getting more than their fifteen minutes of fame and generally, the more attention they receive the better. But what about if you’re a male contestant that was a stripper up until last September? And you stripped for men!?! Well […]