Monk Fakes It

benji_madden180.jpgSophie Monk, the singer and actress that was once engaged to Benji Madden, tells People,

“Let me make this as plain as possible – Benji did not leave me for Paris Hilton. Benji and I did not break up badly or anything like that. We both decided, as adults, our relationship had run its course and decided to move on.”

Hmm. You don’t often hear of relationships headed towards marriage suddenly running their course. I think she’s either in denial or she’s just lying to the paparazzi to save face. Especially since Benji and Paris were first seen acting comfy-cozy a mere two weeks after the Good Charlotte singer and Monk had broken off their engagement.

Paris then had the gossip mills going once again when she left a jewlery store in Beverly Hills flashing a rock on her engagement finger, although she did not say whether she was going to be exchanging vows anytime soon.

As the ex, how could you be happy for them? It’s always great to accept that people have moved on but, two weeks after the fact? She should stop pretending that she’s happy and just not say anything at all. I think anyone would understand that. More than we can understand phony well wishes, anyway.

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#1 sdf on 03.03.08 at 5:29 pm

I think Benji down-graded when he dumped her for Paris!!

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