Jenny McCarthy Knows How To Avoid A Costly Divorce

jennymccarthy0227.jpgAnd don’t we all, deep down? Jenny McCarthy says she prefers not to be married to her long-time flame, Jim Carrey. The two have been going for a while; Jenny has been divorced before, and Jim has been divorced twice already. My guess is, neither of them want to go through losing all their stuff again. Not to mention the emotional and physical well-being that gets threatened during something as high stress as divorce. From In Touch:

“She’s committed to funnyman Jim Carrey, but Jenny McCarthy tells In Touch that they won’t be walking down the aisle. “We’re living together, we don’t want any more children and we’re very happy — all that’s going to be is a piece of paper, really,” Jenny says of marriage. The 35-year-old divorced actress notes that marriage doesn’t mean love will last forever. “What is it a guarantee of? I’ll be yours forever? I’ll be faithful? Bull!” The mother of Evan Asher, 5, also adds that she doesn’t need to marry to have additional children — because she doesn’t want more: “This womb is closed.” But she does admit that Jim, 46 — who’s been divorced twice — makes her happy. “He is the light of my life and we’re more in love now than we have been in our entire relationship.” Jenny spoke to In Touch on the set of a webisode for Jim has a 20-year-old daughter, Jane, with his ex-wife, Melissa Womer. ”

Both of them already have plenty of kids between them, so naturally, why have more? And if they do, it’s not like Jenny is spayed or anything. She can always have more if she likes, but the decision not to is a great mark of a person’s level of maturity. I hope the two are as ten years from now, as they are presently. In the world of celebrity romance, things aren’t always blessed with longevity.

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#1 sdf on 03.02.08 at 7:08 pm

Jim Carry scored,… he seems like a nice guy,… good to know that they all dont finish last!

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