Drew Barrymore & Justin Livin’ La Vida In Mexico

For those of you who don’t remember; Justin Long was the sexy kid who dies in Jeepers Creepers. Oh, and the guy on the road, doing the whole “Turn Back!” routine in the sequel. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have hooked up, and are spending some romantic time away right now in Mexico. From Us […]

Miley Cyrus Has A CrushOn Ryan Cabrera

On the one hand, I think it’s adorable that Miley Cyrus has a romantic interest. She’s getting out there into the world, and making an effort to show other teens that it’s not cool to get pregnant. Like some other pregnant celebrities we know of, cough-Jamie Lynn Spears-cough. On the other hand, is making known […]

Angelina Jolie Is Still A Pathetic Parent

When will the retarded desk jockies over at Social Services finally get off of Britney Spears‘ ass and take a closer look at the infamous child collector, Angelina Jolie. Tell me, please, mothers of the world, where and when is it ever appropriate for a mother of a six year old, to buy their child […]

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz Heat it Up

Penelope Cruz who has been known to datethe likes of Matt McConaughey and Tom Cruise has gone very public with her relationship with Javier Bardem. The two met on the set of a Woody Allen movie they were filming last summer and although Cruz denied rumours at the time, there is no hiding their love now! […]