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World Missed Out on Rapper Mills

Although we may have all known that Heather Mills has always been feeding off her former husband’s, Paul McCartney’s fame and fortune, it’s now coming out that she tried to do this even more so when they were married. Apparently, Ms. Mills had high hopes of becoming a rapper. I’ll give you a minute to […]

Brad and Angelina Married?!?

Brad and Angelina have a way of keeping people talking aboutthem. When it was first rumoured that she was pregnant, they couldn’t just come out and say, “Yes she is.” Now there are reports that this past Saturday, they got married in New Orleans. From Star Magazine, “Sources in a position to have information regarding […]

Bachelor Is a Sham

Is it really surprising to hear that there are scandalous rumours surrounding the television show The Bachelor? I mean, you get twenty-five desperate and pathetic women all vying for the love of one cocky and arrogant man and really, what else do you expect? But it turns out that this season’s bachelor, Matt Grant, may […]

Rockett is the Real Poison

Rikki Rockett, drummer for the rock band Poison has been arrested on charges of rape. From People, “Officers from the LAPD’s Airport Division seized the 46-year-old former hairdresser and lifeguard (real name: Richard Ream) as he was going through customs on Monday and then transported him to L.A. County Jail. Officials there booked him on […]

Angelina Suffers from Diabetes

Angelina Jolie, who is pregnant with her second child by Brad Pitt, is having extreme difficulty with this pregnancy. The reports that leaked out a few months ago that the pregnancy was causing her health problems appear to be true as it is now coming out that she has gestational diabetes. From Contactmusic, “A source […]

Celeb Couples Headed for Splitsville

We see it all the time and although these stars may be going through heartache, we just can’t wait to sink our teeth into the story of their horrendous breakup. There have been several stories emerging this past week about celebrity breakups and here are just a few. , who really is one of my […]

Amy Winehouse Gets No Jail Time

It turns out that even celebrities have to abide by the rules as Amy Winehouse was denied spending time with her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil at his current residence, the Pentonville Prison on Thursday. After the Rehab singer showed up late, she was denied entrance into the jail. Meanwhile, her “people” have been busy fending off […]

Heather Mills = Pathetic Gold Digger

Heather Mills is just as crazy as she looks. Her recent divorce settlement with Paul McCartney gave her fifty million dollars but she is after more. In court, Sir Paul claimed that his total assets were worth 800 million. With this number, the court decided to grant Heather the 50 mil. But now she wants […]

Bells and Babies for Jamie Lynn Spears

Of course it’s old news by now that Jamie Lynn Spears is expecting a baby with Casey Aldridge but they have found their way back to the magazine covers and gossip columns with the ring that Jamie Lynn is wearing on her left ring finger. She seems to be very excited about it and is […]

Too Much, Too Soon for Britney

Britney Spears has been making great headway lately on her road to recovery. The first step was when her father, Jamie Spears took conservatorship of her estate. After that, she really seemed to be cleaning up her act. She started teaching children dance, she was allowed visitation again with her two young boys, and Britney […]

Denise Richards Turns Charlie Sheen Into A Fairy

With her magic wand! Poof! Okay, maybe not with her magic wand, but with a little bit of help from her friends over at Kat Von D’s L.A. Ink tattoo parlour, and their magic wands… The little Charlie tattoo on Denise Richards‘ ankle is gone, baby, gone! From TMZ: “When celeb couples break up, there […]

Mr. McCartney’s Lyrics Strike Again

Paul McCartney has always written songs that seem to strike right at the heart. When with The Beatles, he wrote Hey Jude for Julian, the son of John Lennon, to comfort him while going through his parent’s divorce and just about any other song ever written by the singer just seems to have a way […]

The Newest Love Diet Craze

First there was the Atkins craze and then the South Beach craze. Now, Drew Barrymore has brought to light a new diet that is guaranteed to work. It involves a healthy diet, a little yoga, and a whole lotta love. From Gossip Girls, “Her hot and heavy relationship with JustinLong may have helped her physique […]

Rick Salomon & Pam Anderson: Marriage Between Magic Shows Dissolves

Why did these two even get married? What kind of woman looks at a video with some guy f*cking Paris Hilton, and says “Oh, he’s for me!” Who does that? Pam Anderson, of course. The woman who saw Tommy Lee, and saw him not as a sweaty, womanizing, dirt encrusted scumbag, but as a kind […]

Common & Serena Williams: Spring-time Sweethearts!

It’s the season of blossoming romance; new couples are coming together, and long-time daters are popping the question to their girls. Everyone’s falling in love. Serena Williams and Common were spotted not too long ago, looking very “dating” and cozy in the same car, leaving a club. From Perez Hilton: “Serena Williams and Common were […]

Tyra Banks’ Stalker Free to Stalk Again

The mere thought of Tyra Banks generally makes me cringe but the latest on her makes me cringe for reasons that are entirely different. Tyra has had her own stalker since January, Brady Green, who has been hounding her with phone calls and letters since the beginning of 2008. He recently showed up at the […]

Spears Donating to Auction

Britney Spears, be-all and end-all of bad Hollywood mothers, has been trying to improve her image. First, she cleaned up her act enough to get back her visitation with her two boys and now she has made a guest appearance on the sit-com How I Met Your Mother. Not only may this do good things […]

Sienna Miller & Rhys Ifans: Engaged!

Sienna Miller and her long time boyfriend Rhys Ifans are engaged! Which is great news, so now hopefully everyone will get off her back up supposedly breaking up Sean Penn‘s marriage with Robin Wright. Robin and Sienna are supposed to be good friends and everything; but on the other hand, when in celebrity land, you’re […]

Chris Brown & Rihanna: Keeping Love Quiet

Perez Hilton insists that Chris Brown and Rihanna are dating, even though, neither one of them want to admit to anything. Rihanna and Chris both haven’t said anything to let us in on what might possibly going on in their private lives. It just so happens… that we see them together in different places now […]

Brangelina’s Picture Perfect Family

It doesn’t seem that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will ever be able to do anything right in my eyes and that’s not discounted even when they find out the sex of those babies that Angelina has been carrying around for some time. Not that they actually did anything this time, but they are having […]